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Man jailed for seizing shop knife

A MAN who said he was "genuinely in fear for his life" when he grabbed a bread knife from a city centre delicatessen and ran into the street with it has been jailed for eight months.

Richard Harris was jailed after a court heard he committed the offence while he was just four months into a suspended sentence for another knife charge when the incident happened.

Harris had been chased into the O'Connell Street convenience store at 3.20am on February 12 when he snatched a breadknife from the deli counter and ran back outside.

He threw it into a bin when gardai came on the scene.

Harris, of Moorefield Lawns, Clondalkin, was charged with possession of a weapon and breach of the peace.

He had been on a two-month suspended sentence for unlawful possession of a hammer on March 15 last year.

The charges were both contrary to the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act.