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Man jailed for bottle attack on Samaritan

A DUBLIN man has been jailed for two years for slashing the face of an electrician after the victim had minutes earlier stopped two men beating him.

The victim, John Graham, who was left with a permanent and noticeable scar, had come to Gerard Allen's (32) assistance after he spotted the father-of-one being beaten on the ground.

Allen got to his feet and in the confusion punched Mr Graham in the face before running away.

Garda Patrick Watson told Diarmuid Collins BL, prosecuting, that Mr Graham pursued Allen for a short time before he returned to the pub he had been drinking in with friends.

Five minutes later Allen returned to the scene, carrying a broken bottle and swung it at Mr Graham hitting him on the side of his face.

Judge Patricia Ryan was handed in photos of the victim's face taken immediately following the assault after she was warned by counsel that the images were "quite graphic".

Allen of Melrose Avenue, Clondalkin, who had initially faced a more serious charge, pleaded guilty on the morning of his trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assault causing harm in Clondalkin on June 26, 2010.


He has 19 previous convictions for road traffic, public order and drug offences that have all been dealt with in the District Court.

Mr Graham, who works on oil rigs in Scotland, stated in a victim impact report that he was severely traumatised after the assault because he thought he had lost half of his cheek.

A medical report from the time of the assault stated that he needed 19 stitches to close the wound and would be left with permanent scarring.

He has since had plastic surgery but a medical report from last month confirmed that the scar to his cheek is permanent.

Mr Graham, who was not in court, also stated in his victim impact report that he is "very self conscious" of his scar because he is afraid people will consider him a violent person.

He said he used to enjoy socialising, but this level of confidence has gone and he is now shy and paranoid about what people think of him.

Judge Ryan said she had carefully considered all aspects of the case and took into consideration Allen's expression of remorse.