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Man is cleared of waving knife at garda investigating burglary

A YOUNG man has been cleared of waving a four-inch knife at detectives while they were conducting a technical examination of an alleged burglary at a neighbour's house.

Richard Dekker (24) was also accused of shouting insults at gardai and giving them a "two-fingered salute".

A judge struck out the charges, saying the knife was never found and there was not enough evidence that a breach of the peace occurred.

The accused, of Whitestown Avenue, Blanchardstown, had denied charges of possession of a knife and threatening and abusive behaviour. The alleged incident took place near his home on March 18.

Garda Patrick Fennessy said he was conducting a technical examination of an alleged burglary at a house on Whitestown Avenue around 10.30am when Mr Dekker came out of a house, and walked up and down the road four or five times.

Gda Fennessy claimed that Mr Dekker then put his hand into a hedge and pulled out a knife. The court heard the defendant then stood in the middle of the road and started shouting obscenities at the house, and waving around a knife.

The garda said the incident lasted about 60 seconds and Mr Dekker then went back into his house.

He said he rang Blanchardstown Garda Station and a number of detectives came to the scene.

Detective Garda Olive Crowe said gardai searched for a knife, but could not find one.

Gda Crowe said Mr Dekker had left the area when she arrived. She later spoke to him around 1pm, and he let gardai conduct a quick search of his house, but a knife was never found.

Defence solicitor Mairead White said nearly three hours had passed by the time gardai spoke to Mr Dekker and there was no breach of the peace.

Ms White also said a knife was not found.

Judge Patrick McMahon struck out the charges.