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Man hurled abuse at neighbours

A DUBLIN man was arrested outside his home after a garda investigated a domestic dispute that was so loud the officer feared "someone could lose their life", Dublin District Court heard.

Patrick Newman (55) was taken into custody after he began hurling drunken abuse at his neighbours, calling them "nosy" after they were woken by the noise.

Newman was fined €300 and convicted of causing a breach of the peace in the incident in Ballymun. Judge Bryan Smyth also found him guilty of public intoxication, but applied the Probation Act for that offence.

The accused had pleaded not guilty to both charges, at his home at Belclare Terrace on March 4 last.


Garda Patrick O'Gorman said when he entered the house there were obvious signs that there had been a domestic disturbance, but no complaint was made by the accused's partner, who was highly intoxicated.

Newman was also drunk, agitated and "highly aggressive".

The garda asked him to leave and he exited the house but asked to return to get his jacket. When he did so, the argument with his partner resumed and he was again asked to leave.

Neighbours had come out of their own homes because of the noise level. He shouted obscenities at the top of his voice, saying: "I'll f***ing get her for this." He also waved a closed fist at his neighbours and said: "F*** in, and mind your own business."

He was arrested and had to be physically restrained and placed in the patrol car.

In cross-examination, defence solicitor Michael Hanahoe asked the garda what right he had to enter the accused's home.

Garda O'Gorman said there had been calls made to the gardai, some of his colleagues were already inside, the front door was wide open and he went in "for the preservation of life".