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Man guilty of juror contact

A man is to be sentenced at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court after making contact with a jury member in a trial.

David Carroll (46) of Old Court Cottages, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice by contacting a juror involved in a Circuit Court trial in Court 23 on November 30, 2008 and as a result the jury was discharged on the first day of the trial on December 1, 2008.

Judge Katherine Delahunt remanded him on continuing bail until October 7 next, when full facts will be heard in the case.

Mr Alistair Fingleton

In an article published on Monday, February 15 , 2010, concerning a road traffic accident in Co Kildare, we placed alongside the article a picture of a vehicle belonging to Mr Alistair Fingleton which we incorrectly stated was the vehicle involved in the accident.

We are happy to clarify that Mr Fingleton's vehicle was not in any way involved and are happy to correct the record.

Queen death joke on BBC

The BBC apologised "unreservedly" after a radio DJ joked during a live broadcast that the queen had died.

Danny Kelly (39) told BBC WM listeners he had an important announcement to make before saying: "Queen Elizabeth II has now died."

The DJ played the national anthem as he made the joke during his weekday afternoon slot yesterday, which is broadcast to listeners across the West Midlands in England.

It is believed the comment was a reference to a fan on the show's Facebook page.

A BBC spokesman said: "There was no intention to offend.

Shatner to star in new sitcom

STAR Trek legend William Shatner will star in his first US TV comedy series next season.

CBS has given the green light to a show on which the son of Shatner's character has more than a million followers to a Twitter account where he writes down his father's musings.

CBS' schedule will also include a spin-off to the FBI profilers drama Criminal Minds, a remake of the 1970s police series Hawaii Five-0, a comedy about a support group for overeaters and a cop drama with Tom Selleck.