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Man found lying in his own vomit on roadside bit garda


Shane Halpin was ‘horrified’ by his behaviour, the court heard

Shane Halpin was ‘horrified’ by his behaviour, the court heard

Shane Halpin was ‘horrified’ by his behaviour, the court heard

A man attacked and bit a garda who had found him lying in his own vomit on the side of the road and driven him back to his house, a court has heard.

Shane Halpin (25), of Fouillard Lane, Lusk, Co Dublin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting Garda Derek Dalton, causing him harm, at his address on September 2, 2018. He had no previous convictions.

Sergeant John Cannon told John Berry BL, prosecuting, that in the early hours of the morning, gardai received a call about a person lying unconscious on the side of the road at Blakes Cross, Lusk.

Sgt Cannon said that Halpin was intoxicated and appeared to have vomited on himself. Gda Dalton decided to take him home and called for a garda van.

He was concerned that Halpin might not have given the correct address so he knocked on the door and asked the accused's mother if Halpin was welcome there.

After she said that he was, Halpin emerged from the garda van and was "quite aggressive".


He started grappling with Gda Dalton and ripped his radio and torch from his person. The garda raised his arm to shield himself and was bitten.

The two men ended up on the ground and Halpin was initially subdued before biting Gda Dalton on the knee.

Gda Dalton suffered a fracture to a bone in his hand along with the two bites and an injury to his groin. He could not return to duty for six months.

Sgt Cannon told the court that Halpin had returned from a six-month internship in the US that evening and had met with friends over drinks.

He said Halpin had little recollection of the incident and was horrified by his behaviour.

Judge Melanie Greally said it was a very serious assault on a garda "carrying out an act of considerable kindness".

She imposed an indicative sentence of two years' imprisonment and deferred the sentence until April 1.

She said that if Halpin was compliant with a bond to keep the peace then she would make an order discharging him from the indictment. She also directed he hand over €3,000 to Little Blue Heroes.