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Man facing trial charged with arson to front door of house


Adam Doyle’s case has been ‘dragging on’, solicitor said

Adam Doyle’s case has been ‘dragging on’, solicitor said

Adam Doyle’s case has been ‘dragging on’, solicitor said

A young man is facing trial accused of setting fire to the door of a house, a court heard. 

Adam Doyle (21) had the case against him adjourned for the service of a book of evidence.

Mr Doyle, with an address at Oliver Bond House in south inner city Dublin, is charged with arson at a property on Constitution Hill, Dublin 7, in December 2017. It is alleged he damaged the front door.

When the case came before Dublin District Court, defence solicitor Danica Kinane said she had been told by the chief prosecuting solicitor's office that the book of evidence would be ready and the accused was in court to have it served on him.

However, state solicitor Alva O'Herlihy said there had been a "breakdown in communication" and the defence had been mistakenly informed the book was ready. 


She was apologetic that the accused had come to court.

Ms Kinane asked Judge Bryan Smyth to strike the case out, saying the charge dated back to 2017.

The accused had just turned 18 at the time of the alleged offence and the case had been "dragging on", she said.

The court had to be satisfied there was a reason for the book not being ready, Ms Kinane said.

Ms O'Herlihy asked the judge not to strike the case out.

The judge said it seemed to have been a "genuine mistake" and granted the adjournment, extending the time required for the service of the book.

However, he made it peremptory against the State, meaning the case could be struck out if the book is not ready on the next date.

Ms Kinane said statements had been sought in April. Ms O'Herlihy said that, due to the Covid-19 crisis, gardai were off desk duties and there were "extenuating circumstances".