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Man faces murder quiz over dead nurse

GARDAI were today waiting to question a man about the murder of a Romanian nurse in Sandyford -- and they believe the death may have resulted from a botched murder/suicide.

The man, believed to be the woman's ex-boyfriend, was found next to her body and is thought to have killed her before stabbing himself.

Gardai say they are not looking for anyone else in relation to the death of Loradena Pricajan (35) and will question the injured man when he has sufficiently recovered.


"Preliminary enquiries would indicate that both parties sustained their injuries during the course of a domestic row," a garda source said

The woman was stabbed to death at an apartment in the Irish Management Institute in the Sandyford Road, Dublin.

Her body was discovered at 7am by a porter. She was concealed under a sheet next to a man with knife injuries.

It is understood that the woman was visiting a man on the campus at the time of her death and had been seen there previously.

The man was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital and underwent surgery to repair stab wounds to his neck. Gardai have described his condition as "non life-threatening".

The deceased is believed to have worked as a nurse at St Vincent's Hospital and was living in Ballawley Court in Dundrum. She is believed to have been staying in Ireland for an extended period of time.

She was due in work yesterday morning, and her employers were trying to contact her at the time of her murder.

The porter that discovered the chilling scene was responding to a disturbance coming from of the apartment.


The alarm was raised after neighbours reported hearing screams.

A garda source said: "We think the man tried to kill himself, but he'll make it. This is a tragic case of murder-suicide and no one else is being sought".

Gardai believe that the pair had recently split up and that the man had returned to Romania for a few weeks before returning and trying to convince him to take her back.

Gardai are being assisted in their investigations by the PREM group, who manage the residents' quarters of the IMI.

The IMI campus is used by people attending the Institute but also operates as a 50-bed apartment hotel.