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Man denies biting cyclist on the nose in brawl on road


Keith Ward allegedly threw his bike at a car windscreen

Keith Ward allegedly threw his bike at a car windscreen

Keith Ward allegedly threw his bike at a car windscreen

A passenger in a car has denied attacking and injuring a cyclist by biting his nose after the man allegedly threw his bike into the vehicle's windscreen, smashing it.

Patrick Sherlock (38) pleaded not guilty to assaulting Keith Ward in a brawl in the middle of a road in west Dublin.

Mr Ward (33) is accused of first hitting Mr Sherlock over the head with an unidentified implement in the same row, but has not yet entered a plea.

Both cases were adjourned at Blanchardstown District Court.

Mr Sherlock, of Kilmahuddrick Walk and Mr Ward, of Moorefield Avenue, both in Clondalkin, are charged with affray and assault causing harm to each other.

Mr Ward faces a third charge, of damaging the car.

The court heard Mr Ward was walking with a bicycle and Mr Sherlock was in a blue Mini being driven in the same direction on the Neilstown Road in Clondalkin last April 13.

Mr Ward threw his bike at the car, smashing the windscreen, it is alleged.


Mr Sherlock exited the car and Mr Ward struck him with an object, causing a deep cut to his forehead.

There was a "substantial loss of blood", gardaĆ­ said.

It was alleged Mr Sherlock then bit Mr Ward on the nose and the two ended up on the road, punching each other.

Garda Sergeant Walter Sweeney said it was alleged the fight was provoked by a row over a social media post.

Mr Ward received a number of stitches to his nose, but Mr Sherlock did not attend hospital, the court heard. Judge David McHugh accepted jurisdiction to deal with both cases in the District Court.

Mr Sherlock was seeking a hearing date on the charges against him, his solicitor Simon Fleming said, adding that the parties were well known to each other.

Mr Sherlock's case was adjourned to a hearing date next May, while Mr Ward's defence solicitor Kelly Breen requested more time to go through material that had been disclosed by the prosecution.

Mr Ward's case was adjourned to January for a plea to be indicated.