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Man danced like boxer then hit neighbour

A YOUNG man jumped around a neighbour's garden "like a boxer" before punching her in the face when a dispute erupted into violence, a court heard.

Ross O'Leary (21) struck the victim at least three times on the jaw during the attack in which her mother was kicked in the back by another man.

A judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest after he failed to appear in court.


O'Leary, of Ferryman's Crossing, Dublin 1, had denied a charge of assaulting Carmel Costello in the incident on the street on October 28, 2008.

Ms Costello told the court she was at the home of the accused's cousin, Melissa O'Leary, to discuss a "serious family matter" on the night. The two women were outside shouting at each other when the accused came out of the house and punched Ms Costello on the left jaw.

He began shouting at her about the family dispute.

"He came at me again with a second punch to the jaw," she said.

Ms Costello then went to her mother Kathleen's house, where she was "in shock and pain" from the punches.

They went out to have a cigarette when Shane O'Leary and Jeanine O'Leary came into the garden, followed by the accused.

Ms Costello alleged that Jeanine O'Leary pulled her down and began punching and kicking her. "When Jeanine had finished punching me, I got another smack off Ross to the jaw," she said. She alleged the three then forced their way into her mother's house, where the melee continued.

Melissa O'Leary's partner John Richardson arrived and pulled the three out of the sitting room one by one.

The only charge before the court was against the accused, Ross O'Leary.


Ms Costello said she feared she had a broken jaw and had it X-rayed. The only injury was severe bruising, but she said it was sore for more than two weeks afterwards, she could barely open it and had difficulty eating and smoking.

Her mother Kathleen said in evidence the victim was in an "awful state" when she called to her door.