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Man 'could have killed garda after throwing live firework at him', court told





A YOUNG man "could have killed" a garda sergeant when he hurled a lit firework at him after he came to investigate the sound of an explosion in a housing estate, a court heard.

Thomas Flynn (20) threw the device which hit the sergeant but fell to the ground and exploded at his feet, leaving him unharmed.

Flynn was jailed for three months over the incident, with another three months suspended, after Dublin District Court heard he had been on drugs at the time.

Flynn, of Moatview Avenue, Coolock pleaded guilty to throwing, directing or propelling an ignited firework at Sgt Brendan Bergin on October 19, 2013.

The charge is under Section 80 of the Explosives Act.

Sgt Bergin told the court he was on patrol in the area when he heard a loud bang or explosion coming from a cul de sac.

He went there and saw the accused and a number of other people in the front garden of a house. Sgt Bergin stopped and got out of the patrol car to speak to them. Flynn then lit an object which he had in his hand and threw it directly at him.

It hit the sergeant on the arm and dropped onto the ground beside the patrol car, where it exploded.


"It was some kind of firework or small explosive," Sgt Bergin said. The defendant ran into a house and escaped over the back garden wall.

The accused had several previous convictions, the last of which was for possession of firearms. He was jailed for that offence in January and was now serving that sentence at the Midlands Prison, his solicitor Maura Kiely said. He was working in the prison laundry.

"He could have killed him," Judge O'Donnell said of the incident.

"He accepts that and he accepts the seriousness of it," Ms Kiely replied.

The accused had been "negatively influenced by other people in the community".