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Man burned lover's shoes during row

A DUBLIN man trashed his partner's house, tore up her clothes and burned her shoes in the fireplace during a domestic dispute, a court heard.

Paul Cahill (27) had been drinking and taking anxiety medication when gardai arrived at the house and found him hanging out of a bedroom window, refusing to come down.

Dublin District Court heard he had smashed furniture and windows and scrawled on the wall with lipstick.

A judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest and sentencing after finding him guilty of charges of criminal damage and trespass.

The accused, of Shelmartin Terrace, Marino had denied the charges but failed to appear in court for the case. The court heard gardai were called to the scene of the incident at Millmount Place, Drumcondra, on September 25 last year.

There was "substantial damage" to the house including a broken window, door, table and chest of drawers.


Marguerite Bolger, whose parents owned the house, confirmed that he had no permission to be there and wanted him removed.

Cahill had spent the night in the house, where his girlfriend was tenant. However, the lease was terminated on the day he was there.

He left the scene but returned and gardai saw him "hanging out" of a first-floor window.

He told the officers he "wasn't going to leave" and when it was put to him that he was trespassing, he claimed he owned the house. He was escorted off the premises after "a lot of convincing and persuading", a garda witness said.

The court heard he was later interviewed at Whitehall Garda Station, after a doctor administered valium.

He admitted to gardai he broke the living-room door, kitchen door, hall mirror and table.

He also said he ripped up his girlfriend's clothes and burned her shoes and a phone book in the fireplace.

When asked if he had consent to go through the window, he said: "I didn't have consent but in my mind, I wasn't doing anything wrong."

The court heard Cahill had 20 previous convictions after he was found guilty.