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Man broke into ex's to grab back puppy

A DOG lover smashed his way into his ex-partner's home and attacked her as he demanded she handed over one of a litter of pups he believed he was entitled to after their breakup.

Jonathan Kavanagh was "hell bent" on getting one of the pups that the estranged couple's Staffordshire bull terrier had given birth to when he kicked in the terrified victim's door and grabbed her by the throat.

Kavanagh (37), of Marmian Court, Dublin 7, was jailed for seven months for the assault on his former partner Sinead Markey at her inner city home. During the attack, Kavanagh made a threat that she understood to mean that he would have her shot, the court heard.

They had disputed ownership of the dog, Daisy, with Ms Markey insisting Kavanagh had given her full ownership years earlier. Kavanagh had maintained he only gave Ms Markey the terrier because he had been "bereaved" by the loss of another dog who had jumped to its death from the top-floor balcony of their flats complex.

He also maintained he was entitled to a pup because he had organised the impregnation of the terrier and was present at the birth. However, he denied the assault happened and claimed he was in his grandmother's house.

Judge Victor Blake sentenced Kavanagh for assault and trespass at Ms Markey's home at Blackhall Parade in Nov, 2009.


Ms Markey, a mother-of-three, said in evidence she was at home after midday minding pups when the accused came to her door, demanding to be let in. When she did not answer, he shouted: "Let me in or I'm going to kick the door in." He did so and came into her hallway and said: "That is it, I'm getting the pups." He pushed Ms Markey into the sitting room with such force she fell over a coffee table. As she got up, he picked up one of the pups from where it was feeding from its mother.

"I kept saying 'don't go near the pups, they are not yours to take'. He was standing over the dog saying,' one of them pups is mine'. He had such an evil look in his eyes, I'll never forget it", Ms Markey said.

As she tried to get the pup back, he grabbed her by the throat with his free hand and called her "a slut and a tramp".

"He said he'd get me sorted out because he was going down soon anyway", Ms Markey said. "I took that to mean he was going to get me shot. I was absolutely terrified. I could see in his eyes he didn't care".

Ms Markey said he then left without the pup because he got "an attack of the guilt". She was left with marks on her neck.

The court heard the defendant was serving a two-year sentence for possession of a shotgun. Judge Blake made the seven-month jail term consecutive to that.