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Man broke garda's nose after hitting his own dad in face


Raymond McGarry headbutted an investigating garda

Raymond McGarry headbutted an investigating garda

Raymond McGarry headbutted an investigating garda

A Dublin man struck his own father in the face, then went on to break a garda's nose with a headbutt when the officer called out to investigate the attack.

Raymond McGarry (36), a businessman who had "lost everything" because of his alcoholism, assaulted his father and the garda when "drink took over" in the violent incident.

At Blanchardstown District Court, Judge David McHugh jailed him for three months.

McGarry admitted three common assaults on Garda Matthew Kelly and one on his father Fran McGarry at his home at Alpine Heights, Clondalkin.

He also pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Gda Kelly in the incident on February 8.

Garda Piaras O'Sullivan said Gda Kelly was called to the accused's home after McGarry struck his father on the cheek.

As he tried to deal with him, McGarry headbutted Gda Kelly on the nose, fracturing it.


As the garda tried to handcuff him, McGarry struck him on the side of the head with his elbow. His foot made contact with Gda Kelly's shoulder, and he also tried to bite the garda.

McGarry had eight previous convictions for offences including forgery and drink-driving.

Judge McHugh said the garda had his nose broken "at the head of this gentleman".

When defence solicitor Ciaran MacLoughlin said McGarry had consumed a lot of alcohol on the night, Judge McHugh said it was apparent from McGarry's "countenance" that he was a heavy drinker.

The court heard the accused had owned his own business but "lost everything" - his work, family and home because of his "massive" drink problem.

Mr MacLoughlin said he had made "huge steps" to deal with it, had been sober for four months and was attending counselling. An act like this was not something associated with McGarry and on the night "drink took over", he said.

Mr MacLoughlin said McGarry, who apologised profusely for what happened, had since been victim of a violent assault when he was stabbed 15 times.

Judge McHugh said it was "regrettable" the accused had lost everything but he had to imprison him.