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Man acquitted of being danger driver who fled 'at great speed'


Garda said Angelo O’Riordan was ‘concealed’ in garden

Garda said Angelo O’Riordan was ‘concealed’ in garden

Garda said Angelo O’Riordan was ‘concealed’ in garden

A man accused of driving dangerously and "at great speed" through a Dublin housing estate has had the case against him dismissed.

Angelo O'Riordan (33) was alleged to have been driving the car that was followed by gardai and the air support unit before it came to a halt.

He insisted he was not driving the car, and Judge Deirdre Gearty acquitted him at Dublin District Court.

Mr O'Riordan, of Kylemore Road, Ballyfermot, pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving.

Garda Michael Parry Jones told the court he got a report of a car failing to stop in the Ballyfermot area on July 18 last year.

He waited at a housing estate in Cabra at 12.30am and a white Volkswagen Golf drove towards him.


It failed to stop when signalled, and he saw the driver was clean shaven with dark hair and the passenger was a woman.

The car drove through a roundabout on the wrong side of the road at up to 100kph and almost went out of control.

It disappeared from view at the Annaly estate.

The officer saw the woman enter a house at Annaly Road and went after her. An occupant of the house, a bald man, was inside, as well as the woman.

Gda Parry Jones went into the back garden, heard rattling from the fence and found Mr O'Riordan "concealed" in an adjacent garden.

He was satisfied this was the driver as he bore no resemblance to the other man in the house.

Defence barrister Joseph Mulrean said the identification was not sufficient, and gardai accepted it was by a process of elimination, to some degree.

Judge Gearty said "that can't be good enough" and there was a "huge gap" in the prosecution case.