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Man accused of 'handing out sleeping pills near drugs clinic'


Jeremy Cooper must stay away from all methadone clinics

Jeremy Cooper must stay away from all methadone clinics

Jeremy Cooper must stay away from all methadone clinics


A suspected drug dealer was seen by gardai "handing out" sleeping tablets on the street beside a city methadone clinic, a court has been told.

Jeremy Cooper (49), who was allegedly "caught red-handed" selling drugs, was granted bail on condition that he stays at least 200 yards (183m) away from all methadone clinics.

Mr Cooper had the case adjourned when he appeared at Dublin District Court charged with possession of drugs with intent to sell or supply.

Objecting to bail, a garda told Judge Flann Brennan the accused was seen in a transaction with a number of drug users on Amiens Street last May 10.

It was alleged Mr Cooper was seen "handing out tablets".

He was stopped and searched and found in possession of 13 suspected zopiclone tablets worth €13 and €70 in cash, the garda said.


His phone contained communications relating to the sale and supply of drugs, the garda alleged.

The garda said the previous day the accused had also been seen in a transaction at the same place. He said the accused had six trays of 60 zopiclone tablets and had €150 in cash.

He had also been stopped and searched in the same area on May 4, the garda said.

Seeking bail, defence solicitor Daniel Hanahoe said the May 10 allegations were all that was before the court.

The accused would say he had been prescribed the sleeping tablet zopiclone.

He was currently homeless and living in a hostel on Amiens Street and this was adjacent to the methadone clinic.

The judge said the accused was to "stay away from every methadone clinic - it's as simple as that", and he could "organise his life in those terms".

"If you break that, you will be in custody," he added.