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'Mad Mickey' proposed to fiancee on day before he was shot in the head


Michael Devoy died from multiple gunshot wounds Picture: Courtpix

Michael Devoy died from multiple gunshot wounds Picture: Courtpix

Michael Devoy died from multiple gunshot wounds Picture: Courtpix

A man shot dead in a gangland-style shooting proposed to his girlfriend the night before his murder.

Michael 'Mad Mickey' Devoy (41) from Balbutcher Drive, Poppintree, Ballymun, Dublin, sustained multiple gunshots to the head and neck and died on January 18, 2014.

He had just been released from Portlaoise Prison days before.

The Herald can reveal that a feared 25-year-old criminal from Dublin's north inner city is a suspect in the case and has been arrested twice by Tallaght gardai investigating the Kinahan cartel-sanctioned slaying.

Gardai believe this criminal - who was friendly with Devoy - betrayed him for a cash reward and set him up to be murdered by the cartel.


The main theory as why 'Mad Mickey' was murdered is because he was the gunman for a botched murder attempt on heroin trafficker and cartel figure Greg Lynch, three months earlier outside a northside pub.

Yesterday, Devoy's sister Antoinette Corbally told an inquest into his death that she and their mother Nancy Devoy drove to Portlaoise to collect Michael but they missed him and he took the train to Dublin.

He called to his girlfriend Anita Riggs' house in Ballymun. The pair went for a walk to the local park where he asked her to marry him.

"I gave him a handwritten letter that I had written when he was in prison. The day he got out of Portlaoise Prison he proposed to me. I took the ring, but we didn't set a date," Ms Riggs said in her deposition.

"He wasn't himself. He was worried that something was going to happen to him. His eyes were sunk in his head like he hadn't slept in days."

She said he was a "very private person who knew a lot of people but trusted only a few".

He was wearing a bullet proof vest, she said, because gardai told him there was a threat to his life.

Devoy spent Friday and Saturday at his girlfriend's house and with family but on Saturday night he asked for the loan of €5 to take a bus to town.

Around 10.30pm on Saturday night, Detective Inspector Gary Corrigan was on patrol in the Bohernabreena Road area and stopped to check on a car parked at a ditch next to a quarry entrance at Foxhill.

He saw two men crouched behind the car with their faces covered and said to them "are you all right boys, it's the gardai".

The men jumped into the car and sped off and the patrol car went in pursuit, turning back on to the Borhernabreena Road. After 1km, gardai saw a body on the road.

Det Insp Corrigan said he saw a man lying face up in a pool of blood with extensive injuries to his head and face.

The body was still warm and the victim was wearing gardening gloves.


Mr Devoy was pronounced dead at the scene at 11.58pm. Deputy State Pathologist Dr Michael Curtis said he found a total of 11 wounds to Devoy's head, neck and chest, with catastrophic injuries to the head and neck.

The cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds.

Gardai carried out an extensive investigation, conducted over 200 interviews, took 78 statements and made a number of arrests but the DPP directed insufficient evidence to prosecute. The case remains open.

The jury at Dublin Coroner's Court returned a verdict of unlawful killing by a person or persons unknown.

The Herald can disclose that the north inner-city gangster who was arrested twice for Devoy's murder was a suspect in the fatal shooting of tragic Martin O' Rourke (24) at Sheriff Street in April but his involvement in that gun murder has now been ruled out.

A senior source told the Herald: "He is a heavy hitter in terms of organised crime and has close links to a number of gangs.

"He is involved in extortion, debt collection and is associated with Provos in the north inner city."