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Lilly (4) gets €15,000 for wrist broken in fall


Lilly Cullen and mum

Lilly Cullen and mum

Lilly Cullen and mum

A four-year-old girl who broke her left wrist when she fell from a slide in a creche has been awarded €15,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

Barrister Pat Purcell told the court that in July 2012 Lilly Cullen was attending Cobblestone Cottage Creche & Montessori at Newtown Cottages, Malahide Road, Dublin, when she fell heavily from the slide.

Mr Purcell said CCTV footage showed that Lilly, who was almost two at the time, had fallen several times that day and could be seen holding her wrist.

The court heard Lilly had been very upset when her mother collected her that day. She had been taken to Children's University Hospital at Temple Street, Dublin, where X-rays revealed a fracture of her wrist.

Circuit Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard that Lilly, of Newtown Court, Malahide Road, had needed to wear a back slab before being placed in a full arm cast for three weeks.

Through her mother, Clare Cullen, Lilly sued Auctor Ltd, which trades as Cobblestone Cottage Creche & Montessori, for negligence and breach of duty.


She claimed the creche had failed to properly supervise her while she was using the slide, and had failed to notice she had fallen several times that day.

The court was initially told that liability had been admitted in the case, which had become an assessment of damages only.

Mr Purcell said that following talks between the parties, Lilly's case had been settled.