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Leave me alone, states former lover Jean

The woman who had a love affair with murder accused Eamonn Lillis has demanded to be left alone as he faces his judgement day.

Jean Treacy has broken her silence in her first out-of-court statement.

In a letter, solicitors acting for Jean Treacy said the 32-year-old beauty therapist does not want to be contacted by the media.

Signed by solicitor James MacGuill, the letter stated: “For the avoidance of all doubt, our client (Ms Treacy) does not consent to being approached directly or indirectly, in person or by telephone, or to have her photograph taken.”

It added: “Our client has given her evidence in open court and beyond that we do not believe there can be any legitimate public interest in details of her private, home or professional life being reported on.”

Today a jury was beginning to deliberate on the fate of Mr Lillis, who denies the murder of his wife at their €3.5m Howth home in December 2008.

Ms Treacy has “recently given evidence in the Central Criminal Court” but is “in every other respect a private citizen”, the letter stated.

During her evidence, Ms Treacy said she started a physical affair with Mr Lillis eight weeks before his wife Celine Cawley's death. Mr Lillis (52) has pleaded not guilty to 46- year-old Celine's murder at their home in Howth.

Ms Treacy told the court that she and Mr Lillis met almost every day.

She thought she had loved him at the time but now realised it was an infatuation, she said.

Ms Treacy said Mr Lillis continued to keep his weekly deep tissue massage appointment during the affair.

The couple communicated mainly via text and phone calls on a handset that Mr Lillis bought for Ms Treacy.

She said she met him through Ms Cawley who was also a regular client at the beauty clinic where Ms Treacy worked in Howth.

In May of 2009, Ms Treacy received a three-page letter from Eamonn Lillis and package containing a 'Tiffany' diamond pendant, she informed the jury.

She said the package, delivered to her new place of work, was wrapped in paper with the words of the Beyonce song Halo written on it.

Ms Treacy told the court how she had contact with Mr Lillis a number of times since his wife's death.