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Law student struck biker when turning


Claire Graydon

Claire Graydon

Claire Graydon

A LAW student hit a motor- cyclist, knocking him to the ground, as she tried to cross a busy junction, a court heard.

Claire Graydon (23) hit the brakes when her boyfriend shouted at her to watch out for the motorcyclist.

She accepted she did not see him.

Judge Ann Watkin fined Graydon €500 but did not ban her from driving.

The defendant, of The Sycamore, Rockfield, Sandyford Road, Dundrum, was found guilty of driving without due care and attention at Upper Kilmacud Road in Stillorgan on September 22, 2013.

Patrick Daly told Dun Laoghaire District Court he was riding along the Upper Kilmacud Road and slowed down when he came to the junction between it and St Raphael's Road.

He said the traffic light was green and the junction was clear so he sped up to go through it.

Mr Daly said a car cut straight across in front of him.

He said his motorbike crashed into the front passenger side of Ms Graydon's car and he fell off the bike.

In cross-examination, Mr Daly denied he had been speeding. He also said he had a green light to proceed through the junction.

The court heard there was extensive damage to the front of Mr Daly's motorbike as well as to the passenger door of the defendant's Audi A3.

In her evidence, Graydon said she pulled up to the junction and indicated to turn right.

She claimed she saw an oncoming car but it was a safe distance away so she proceeded to turn right.

Graydon said her boyfriend shouted at her to watch the bike. She said she did not see it.

She hit the brakes and felt the impact with the bike.

Finding Graydon guilty of careless driving, Judge Watkin said she misjudged the turn, but she was not drunk or speeding.

The court heard Graydon, a law student, also works part time in a bank.