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'Last chance' for man with 186 convictions





A PUBLIC order nuisance with 186 prior convictions who has spent 17 years with the probation service has been given "one final chance" by a judge to avoid jail.

Emmet Mullins (36), who is deaf, committed another 24 separate offences after he was put on his latest probation bond last year, including assaults on people in Dublin city centre.

However, Judge Hugh O'Donnell said he would give him another chance to go without a prison sentence and ordered an updated report on the accused.

Mullins, of Clayton Hall, Staplestown Road, Carlow, pleaded guilty to multiple charges including breach of the peace, trespassing and public drunkenness.

Most of the incidents happened in the south city centre at locations including Temple Bar and Luas stops. He also admitted assaulting a man at Grafton Street on August 7 and at Harcourt Street on October 28.

The court heard the accused was asleep on Harcourt Street when someone threw a bucket of water over him and Mullins "chased after" the man.

Judge O'Donnell noted that Mullins had been attending with the Probation Service since 1998, which was "half his life".

Defence Solicitor Murrough O'Rourke accepted that the defendant's record was "very bad".

"It's appalling, Mr O'Rourke, it has to come to an end," the judge said.

Mullins would come to Dublin because he felt his friends were there but it was "not a very good place for him".

"He is a hostage to fortune when he is drunk - because he is deaf, anything could happen to him," Mr O'Rourke said.

"I think up to this he thought the world owed him a living, but he is realising now there is a limit to everybody's patience."

The accused accepted that he had a temper when he was drunk and "did not realise how loud" he was.

Judge O'Donnell said if it was a good report the accused may stay out of jail but he was "not making any promises".