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Knuckleduster youth rapped

A YOUTH who used a knuckleduster to vandalise a car has been bound to the peace for one year.

Garda Catriona Cusack told the Dublin Children's Court that shesaw the 17-year-old smash the window of a car with a knuckleduster.

He then threw the weapon underneath the car and fled. The teenager pleaded guilty to having the weapon to intimidate others. A criminal damage charge was struck out because the car owner refused to make a statement.

Judge Bryan Smyth noted that teen had caused €100 to the vehicle and had ordered him to donate the same amount to the Temple Street Children's Hospital.

Mountain bus crash kills 20

More than 20 people were killed when a bus collided with a car, sending the vehicles plunging 230 feet down a mountainside.

Police said the bus was travelling from Cocha-bamba to the Bolivian capital of La Paz. Another 28 travellers were injured.

A family of five was travelling in the car. A father and his daughter died.

A pickpocket

at 38,000ft

French police are investigating whether a pickpocket stole thousands of euro from passengers as they slept on an Air France flight from Tokyo to Paris. "There is an investigation under way," border police at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris said.

Husbands stray in big freeze

Britons snowed in by the wintry weather have been flocking to an extra-marital dating site in the last 24 hours. IllicitEncounters.com, which provides a platform for married people to conduct affairs, said it had a record number of new profiles yesterday.

Maradona fans in earring vow

Napoli football fans are raising cash to make a bid to buy Diego Maradona's €4,000 earring, which was confiscated by Italian authorities as part payment for his tax arrears. It was taken while Maradona was in Italy at a weightloss clinic, and is now up for action.