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Knife killer is back in court over stabbing

A 34-year-old man who is serving a life sentence for murdering his friend is due to be sentenced today for stabbing another man through the heart.

Martin Toland, of Walkinstown Park, was convicted of murdering Alan Nolan at his Ballyfermot apartment in September 2007, by a jury at the Central Criminal Court last January.

Mr Nolan was knifed five times, the fatal wound was 11cm deep and penetrated his heart.

The jury also found the accused guilty on a second charge of intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm to James Carroll (30), on the same date.

Mr Carroll narrowly survived after sustaining life-threatening stab wounds to the heart and stomach and was the main witness in the case.

Toland had denied both charges and claimed that the two men attacked him and he was acting in self-defence.

He said he was terrified of being attacked because he was on medication to thin his blood and could bleed to death quickly.

During the two-week trial, the court heard that the three men had spent the evening in question drinking and playing cards at Alan Nolan's apartment.

A row broke out between the accused and Mr Nolan over a series of prank calls he had been receiving throughout the night.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy adjourned sentencing in the matter until today.