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Knife held to girl's face for 50c

A 15-YEAR-OLD girl has admitted holding a blade to the face of another girl in a bid to rob 50c.

The defendant, who is in care, pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to two counts of robbery and one attempted robbery charge, on March 2 last, at Main Street, in Swords, in north Co Dublin.

She also admitted possessing the blade as a weapon. Garda Karen Duffy told Judge Elizabeth MacGrath that two of the victims were aged 15 and one was a 17-year-old girl.

The defendant approached one girl and said 'give me your bus fare', reached into her pocket and pulled out a blade.

The knife's blade was 10cm and the teenager "held it up to the injured party's face". The victim handed over her purse which contained 50c.

The defendant approached a second teenage girl and asked for money. The accused said "you have loads of change in your purse" to the victim who walked away.


Garda Duffy said the accused "pulled her hair and reefed her back towards her and threatened to stab the injured party if she did not hand over money".

A knife was produced again and €5 was taken from the second victim.

The defendant approached a third teenage girl and tried to rob her but dropped her knife at which point the victim got away from her.

Garda Duffy agreed with defence solicitor Michelle Finan that the girl was co-operative on arrest and had "drink and drugs on board".

Judge MacGrath agreed to grant bail to the girl who had been remanded in custody last month.