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Judge's shock at no assault charge for attack on garda

A JUDGE expressed his astonishment that a woman who struck a garda on the head and in the chest while another person was being arrested was only charged with public order offences.

Judge Dermot Dempsey asked Sergeant Tony Tighe at Balbriggan District Court why Jean McGreevy wasn't facing more serious charges of assault. Sgt Tighe said he could not answer the question but that he concurred with Judge Dempsey.

McGreevy (28), of Tara Cove in Balbriggan, pleaded guilty to being intoxicated and using threatening and abusive behaviour on Skerries Road in Lusk on May 31.

Sgt Tighe said while Garda Lucy Woods was arresting another person, McGreevy approached her and struck her on the back of the head. McGreevy then punched Gda Woods in the chest. Defence solicitor Donagh McGowan said McGreevy had been at a wedding the previous day and continued to drink on the day of the offences.

"She struck a garda twice," remarked Judge Dempsey. "Why is she only facing public order offences? It's unbelievable."

After Mr McGowan asked if McGreevy, who has no previous convictions, could make a charitable donation to avoid a conviction as she is considering travelling to Australia, Judge Dempsey refused to go that route.

He convicted and fined McGreevy a total of €350.