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Jobless builder with fake passport ran mobiles scam

AN unemployed social worker scammed a mobile company store into selling him handsets at bill-pay prices, before selling them on at a profit.

Jozef Jurecko (34) used a fake passport and bank account to buy the low-cost phones that he then sold. A court heard that he had turned to crime after being laid off from a construction job.

Judge Catherine Murphy jailed him for six months after he admitted to a number of theft and fraud offences.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to the 3 Store at Dundrum Town Centre on February 7, 2009 after being told a customer was acting suspiciously.

When asked to identify himself he produced a fake Slovakian passport and was arrested.

Jurecko applied for social welfare when he became unemployed but his application was still being processed when he found himself in "dire financial straits", his barrister Keith Spencer said.

"His modus operandi was that he would go in and procure a mobile phone under a false name and sell it on. He would always pay for the phone".

The investigating garda said a false bank statement and passport were used to set up an account with the shop and a direct debit arrangement. The shop lost out through the transactions.

"He was a social worker in Slovakia," Mr Spencer said.

The accused had come to Ireland in 2003 and had worked in construction.