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Jobless builder took €600 with stolen ATM card

AN out-of-work builder who used a stolen ATM card to withdraw €600 from another man's bank account had been influenced by "bad company", a court heard.

Antonius Lantus (26) was caught on CCTV making the withdrawals in the early hours of the morning and had a woman's stolen iPhone on him when gardai arrested him a month later.

Lantus, of Richmond Hall, Fairview, admitted theft and handling stolen property.

Judge Ann Ryan adjourned the case and told him to pay compensation to the victim.

Dublin District Court heard the victim had the card and pin number stolen on February 19. Lantus was seen on CCTV making two withdrawals -- one of €100 and the other of €200.


On March 21, gardai arrested him on suspicion of handling stolen property at Mercer Street at 2.50am.

He had an iPhone that had been stolen from a woman in a city centre pub.

Lantus had been doing well with his own construction business, but that work dried up. He had been hanging out with "certain individuals who were known to the gardai" at the time of the thefts.

Judge Ann Ryan said Lantus "could easily be looking at a custodial sentence". However, she said she would consider applying the Probation Act if compensation was paid. She adjourned the case to June 22.