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Jealous husband 'killed my cousin' wife tells his trial

A 41-year-old woman has told a murder trial that her husband thought she was in a relationship with the man he allegedly killed.

Rashida Bibi Haider was giving evidence to the Central Criminal Court in the trial of her 31-year-old husband, who is charged with murdering her cousin and injuring her.

Shahzad Hussain of Woodland Avenue, Mosney, Co Meath has pleaded not guilty to murdering Muhammad Arif (32) on January 7, 2011.

He has also pleaded not guilty to assault causing harm to Ms Haider and to intentionally or recklessly causing her serious harm on January 6, 2011 at Mr Hussein's apartment in Fitzwilliam Court, Dyer Street, Drogheda, Co Louth.

Ms Haider was born in Pakistan but moved to Holland when she was six. Her sister arranged her marriage to the accused in 2004 and she met him for the first time at their marriage.

Ms Haider moved to Drogheda in 2009, sharing an apartment with her cousin, Muhammad Arif. Her husband joined them in April 2010.

She said that everything was okay at first, but "things started to change", adding that her husband didn't speak English and that caused frustrations. She moved out of the flat in December without telling her husband or her cousin.

She went to Mr Arif's home on January 5, 2011 to collect some things and her cousin let her in. He went to work and she spent the night there because she felt sick.

She said she cooked something for them when her cousin returned from work in the morning, then he went to bed.

She said she heard a knock while she was in the bathroom and came out to see her husband in the living room.

Her husband hit her in the mouth, then put his hand over her mouth and beat her before taking a knife out of a kitchen drawer, she said.

"Then he pushed the knife in my cousin," she said. Her husband then stabbed her twice and tried to slit her throat

Her husband leftand an ambulance was called. She didn't see her cousin again; he died in hospital the following day.

Aileen Donnelly, prosecuting, asked her if she was romantically involved with her cousin.

"No," she replied. However, she said that her husband thought she may have been.

The case continues.