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Jail-visit mum hid sleep pills in bra

This is the mum-of-five who tried to smuggle sleeping tablets into Mountjoy jail in her bra.

Adele Kenny (34) of Monasterboice Road, Crumlin, was found in possession of 17 tablets during a random search of visitors at the prison.

She had denied a charge of attempting to smuggle drugs at the prison on September 1, 2009. Cross-examined, Kenny claimed before Dublin District Court that she had put them there so her four-year-old daughter would not get them, then forgot about them.

She told the court that she did not carry a purse or a bag and would hold her phone and keys in her hand.

She put these in a locker in the prison before visiting and forgot about the tablets.

"I'm well aware you can't bring drugs into prison," she said.

"I completely forgot about them. I was having a bad time."

The State solicitor asked the accused if she was asking the court to believe that she kept "everything in her bra".

Kenny replied that she did not keep everything there, but would often put her money in her bra.

In evidence, the defendant said she went to Mountjoy every week to see her brother.

She had not been sleeping at the time and "swapped" tablets she had for her friend's sleeping tablets earlier in the day.

Judge Catherine Staines found her guilty but left her without a conviction, after applying the Probation Act.