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Jail threat for man who slapped shop worker on bottom


Keegan Davidson offered compensation, but it was rejected

Keegan Davidson offered compensation, but it was rejected

Keegan Davidson offered compensation, but it was rejected

A judge has said he is "seriously considering" jailing a man who slapped a shop worker on the behind as he passed her in a department store.

Keegan Davidson (26) offered the woman €400 in compensation for sexually assaulting her, but she said she was not in court to get money.

Judge Bryan Smyth gave him six months to "see how he gets on" with probation supervision before deciding on a sentence.

Davidson, with an address at Focus Ireland, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the woman.

Detective Garda Maeve Hamilton said the victim, in her 20s, began work on an evening in March 2018 in a booth in a major Dublin store, selling designer clothes.

She saw a man approaching from her right hand side.

She turned to get out of his way and "the suspect slapped the injured party on the buttocks".

He then fled the store.


Davidson was identified on security CCTV, was very co-operative and had written a letter of apology for the victim.

A victim impact statement was presented but not read out in court.

Keegan had since "completely changed and turned his life around," his lawyer said.

He was "really apologetic and extends his sincerest apologies to the injured party," the court heard.

Davidson wanted to offer the victim compensation.

Judge Smyth said he did not know if the injured party would be prepared to receive compensation.

"He really does acknowledge what he did," his lawyer added, asking the court to "give him a chance."

The garda said having asked the victim, "she is not here to obtain compensation."

Judge Smyth said the accused had previous convictions, though none was for sexual assault.

The judge asked Davidson if he had read the victim impact statement.

"Yeah, I did," he replied.