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Jail term doubled for 'sadist' who slashed ex-girlfriend's face

A MAN who slashed his ex-girlfriend's face with a knife, tore skin from her eyelid and wrote the word "AIDS" on a wardrobe in her blood has had his sentence doubled by the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Following a successful appeal by the State, presiding judge Mr Justice Nial Fennelly yesterday said the appeal court would impose a nine-year sentence on Mauritian national Ashik Imamboccus (29).

Imamboccus, who came to Ireland illegally and is the subject of a deportation order, told the woman he was going to help her die, tried to cut a tattoo of his name on her hip and told her he would give her AIDs, before writing the word with her blood on a wardrobe door.



The victim woke to find Imamboccus sitting on top of her cutting her face with a knife.

Jadwiga Marek later told gardai Imamboccus appeared sober "and had a grin on his face and seemed to be enjoying it".

She twice tried to get away from him, by pushing a bed against a door and locking herself in the bathroom but Imamboccus forced his way into the rooms each time, telling her: "I have not finished with you. You are going to die".

In the bathroom Imamboccus held her head under a tap of hot running water, tore the skin off her eyelid and watched the skin wash down the drain.

He still had a blade in his hand and he held up the woman's face, telling her to look in the mirror saying: "Look at you Jadwiga, you are so ugly now".

In May 2011 Judge Martin Nolan imposed a four-and-a-half-year sentence on Imamboccus, with a last address at Belvedere Place, Dublin 1, after he pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Court to causing serious harm to Ms Marek at Loftus Court Apartments, Parnell Street on May 6, 2010.

Mr Justice Fennelly yesterday said that the case was one of "extraordinary seriousness" and involved a sadistic and cruel kind of violence.

He said the court took the view that Judge Nolan "did not do justice to the awfulness of the crime" by using a sentence of eight years as "starting point" before taking mitigating factors in to account.

Mr Justice Fennelly said the appeal court was satisfied Judge Nolan committed an error in judgement.

He said that, having taken in to account mitigating factors such as Imamboccus' plea of guilty and his previous good character, the court believed the 12-year sentence should be remitted down to one of nine years imprisonment.

Counsel for the State, Remy Farrell, had told the court that the case was an unusual assault in that it took place over a prolonged period of time and involved aspects of "what could fairly be described as sadism".

He said there were emotional as well as physical aspects in the assault and threats were made against the victim's life for the purpose of heightening emotional distress.

Mr Farrell said this case was "extremely unusual" in that it involved express and direct intention, and he submitted it should have been placed in the highest category of seriousness from the outset.

Mr Farrell said the trial judge fell in to error by failing to identify the maximum penalty of life imprisonment open for causing serious harm and failing to place the offence on the scale of seriousness


Giollaiosa O Lideadha, for Imamboccus, submitted that Judge Nolan fully took in to account the fact the case was a serious assault.

He said the judge had regard to Imamboccus' early plea of guilty, his cooperation, his lack of previous convictions and the fact that he was a foreign national facing imprisonment in an Irish jail.

Mr O Lideadha said that Imamboccus also had a significant previous work history and was a model prisoner.