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Jail for serial driving offender (19)

A TEENAGER who has been stopped over a dozen times for driving without insurance is now "finally getting the message" that he can't drive without it, a court heard.

Karl Fay (19) asked a judge to take a chance on him, saying he would welcome an opportunity to do community service.

Judge Patrick Brady sentenced Fay to five months' detention -- as he is under 21 -- banned him from driving for six years and fined him €1,500.

However, his lawyer, Diana Stuart, said that due to "matters in his personal life" prison would be more suitable than detention for Fay. Judge Brady agreed that Fay be sent to Wheatfield Prison instead of St Patrick's Institution.

Fay, of Lismore Road in Crumlin, admitted before Swords District Court to driving without insurance or a driving licence at Sundrive Road, Crumlin on June 2 last year.

Garda Noel Callan said Fay was stopped and asked for his insurance details. He failed to produce them.

The court heard that Fay has a large number of previous convictions, including 13 for no insurance, 15 for no driving licence and eight for dangerous driving.

Ms Stuart admitted that Fay has an appalling record, but said he is now working with his uncle as a plasterer.

The court heard the defendant has very little education and is now working for the first time, helping out his uncle.

Ms Stuart asked Judge Brady to take a chance on Fay, saying that the message was finally getting across that he needs insurance to drive.