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Jail for 'nuisance' with more than 120 convictions


Peter Sheridan

Peter Sheridan

Peter Sheridan

A man convicted for the 125th time was described as a public order "nuisance" by gardai who said he exaggerated a disability to excuse his behaviour.

Peter Sheridan (41) had been sentenced to two months in jail for shouting abuse in the street, with that sentence suspended for two months.

However, Judge Anthony Halpin revoked the suspension when Sheridan came back before Dublin District Court after being convicted of another offence just five months into that period.

Sheridan - formerly of New Street, Dublin 8 - had pleaded not guilty to causing a breach of the peace at Doyle's Corner, Phibsborough on September 3 last.

Defence solicitor Matthew Kenny asked Judge Halpin not to revoke the suspension. He said Sheridan would have difficulty assimilating with the rest of the prison population because of neurological and speech problems.

"He was given a chance and he didn't take that chance," the judge said.


At the original hearing, Garda Robert Doorley said the accused was shouting and roaring abuse at people, but when questioned acted as if he had a disability.

He repeatedly dropped to his knees, but was later found to be wearing knee pads.

Sheridan had told the court he needed to wear them because of his frequent falls.

Garda Doorley had said he did not believe the accused was disabled "to the extent that he exhibits".