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Jail for dozy gold vault raider who locked himself in

THE armed robbery of a gold storage business turned into a 'fiasco' when the raiders had to be rescued by the fire brigade after locking themselves in, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard.

Aidan Murphy (32) was yesterday jailed for five years by Judge Martin Nolan for his role in the offence. His two accomplices are still before the courts.

The raiders were after up to €440,000 worth of gold and cash stored at the premises.

They held two staff at gunpoint while making them go through the elaborate procedure necessary to open the safe system. However, another raider had fled the scene by then with the keys, meaning the remaining men were trapped on the premises.

They couldn't open the safe or the front shutters, which their accomplice had locked behind him.


They tried to escape through the ceiling tiles and to knock a hole in a wall using hammers, all to no avail. Gardai had been alerted by then and the raiders could hear their radios through the shutters.

The fire brigade were called and had to cut a hole in the shutter to free those inside, where the men were immediately arrested. The gun was found to be an imitation.

Murphy, of Stag Park Avenue, Mitchelstown pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and two counts of false imprisonment at the Bullion Room, Bolton Street, Dublin on August 10, 2010. Murphy had 51 previous convictions, including theft and assault.

Judge Nolan commented that the raid was a 'fiasco' and Murphy was "out of his league". The owner of the Bullion Room has since ceased trading as a direct result of the raid. The judge jailed Murphy for five years, noting his early guilty plea.