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'I've lived in fear for two years', says wife of biker murder accused


Robert Cusack (left) and Alan McNamara arriving at court. Photo: Collins

Robert Cusack (left) and Alan McNamara arriving at court. Photo: Collins

Robert Cusack (left) and Alan McNamara arriving at court. Photo: Collins

The wife of a man accused of shooting dead a member of a rival biker club told her husband's murder trial that she has lived in fear for the past two years.

Mary McNamara was giving evidence at the Central Criminal Court, where her husband, Alan McNamara (51), of Mountfune, Murroe, Co Limerick, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Andrew O'Donoghue, on June 20, 2015.


Also on trial is Ms McNamara's son, Robert Cusack (28), of Abington, Murroe, who has pleaded not guilty to impeding Mr McNamara's apprehension, knowing or believing him to have committed a serious offence.

The trial has previously heard that the deceased was a member of the Road Tramps Motorcycle Club, while Mr McNamara was associated with the rival Caballeros club.

Ms McNamara told prosecuting counsel Michael Delaney that she and her husband went for a drink on Friday, June 19, 2015, at Kelly's Pub in Doon.

Mr McNamara left the pub ahead of his wife as she went to the toilet.

When she emerged from the pub she saw her husband on the ground and there was a "big man on top of his back".

Another man, whom she recognised as Raymond 'George' Neilon, was wearing the colours of the Road Tramps club.

She said Mr Neilon came and took her husband's "patches" - a waistcoat displaying the colours of the Caballeros club.

A third man, who the court has already heard was Seamus Duggan, held Ms McNamara back after she tried to intervene.

Once they had the waistcoat they left.

Ms McNamara said a short time later she was in her garden with her nine-year-old son and adult daughter when a car pulled up with three men inside, one of whom was carrying a gun.

"They shouted: 'Alan, we're going to kill you and burn your house down'," she said.

When Mr Delaney asked her if she could name any of these men she said she didn't want to.

Defence barrister for Mr McNamara, Hugh Hartnett, reminded her that she made a statement to gardai in which she named the men.

She told him that she did but added that she was scared.

"I have lived in fear for the last two years," she said.


After a brief break in proceedings, Mr Hartnett asked her again to name the men and she gave three names - Kevin Ryan, Jim 'Bob' McInerney and Dermot McKenna.

When Mr Hartnett asked Mr McInerney about this alleged incident, he said it did not happen.

Giving evidence, Mr McInerney said that Saturday he received a phone call from Seamus Duggan, who was in a "situation".

Following the phone call Mr McInerney picked up Mr O'Donoghue, explained to him that their friend was in trouble and drove to the clubhouse.

They were at the clubhouse when Mr McInerney said he saw Mr McNamara shoot Mr O'Donoghue as the deceased tried to close the gate.

The trial continues.