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'It was not me -- driver has stolen my identity'

A DUBLIN man who was falsely accused of driving without insurance on two different occasions has claimed another man has been impersonating him and giving his personal details to gardai.

Patrick Hanlon (29) told a court that he doesn't drive and doesn't even hold a driving licence. He said he has no idea who is falsely giving his details to gardai.

A judge told him that he needs to find out why another man is giving his name and personal details to gardai.

Mr Hanlon, of Brookview Rise, in Tallaght, appeared before Tallaght District Court accused of driving without insurance or a driving licence. He denied the charges.

Garda David O'Donoghue said he stopped a green Volkswagen Golf at Drumcairn Avenue, Tallaght, shortly before 5pm on September 26 last year.

Garda O'Donoghue said the driver gave his name as Patrick Hanlon, with an address and date of birth matching that of Mr Hanlon.

Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Julie Gillane, Garda O'Donoghue admitted he could not positively identify Mr Hanlon, the man before the court, as the driver of the 1998 Offaly-registered Golf.

The garda also said Mr Hanlon was not the registered owner of the vehicle.

In his evidence, Mr Hanlon denied he was stopped by Garda O'Donoghue. He also said that he has never driven a green Golf.

Mr Hanlon said a similar incident happened earlier this year, and a bench warrant was issued when he did not appear in court, as he knew nothing about the matter.


Mr Hanlon said it was embarrassing when gardai arrested him on foot of the bench warrant. He also said he has no idea who has been falsely giving his name to gardai.

Judge James McDonnell dismissed the charges.

The judge advised Mr Hanlon to get the help of the gardai to figure out who has been using his name. He said it must be a relative or a friend of a similar age who knows Mr Hanlon's personal details.

Judge McDonnell warned Mr Hanlon he needs to get to the bottom of the matter.