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Irish terror suspect is remanded in prison


Ali Charaf Damache

Ali Charaf Damache

Ali Charaf Damache

An Irish terror suspect wanted by the US was being held in prison in Spain last night after opposing extradition.

Ali Charaf Damache was lifted on Thursday afternoon at a hotel in Barcelona on an international arrest warrant.

He was taken straight to Madrid for an extradition hearing at the Central Criminal Court.

Judge Eloy Velasco ordered his remand in prison after he refused to be sent to the US to face charges of conspiracy to provide support for terrorists and for alleged attempted identity theft to assist an act of terrorism.

Damache who has dual Algerian-Irish nationality, is wanted by the FBI for alleged involvement in a foiled plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist whose depiction of the Prophet Mohammed caused outrage.

He successfully fought an Irish High Court bid to extradite him to the US earlier this year. The court heard the US said it had evidence that Damache (50) conspired with American Colleen 'Jihad Jane' LaRose and others to create a terror cell in Europe.

Damache, who was living in Co Waterford when he was first arrested in 2010, left Ireland several months ago.