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'Inside I am slowly dying,' says mum

THE distraught parents of the two little girls who were raped said that they have been "touched by evil".

The father of the youngest victim sobbed while reading through his victim impact statement.

"We live daily and nightly with this new world created by this man, it's so unfair," he said.

He said that hearing his child tell him what the man had done to her was "like a bomb going off in his head".

He said that his six-year-old daughter has repeatedly asked him about why the accused did what he did. She described the pain of the rape as cutting like a knife.

The little girl freezes or panics whenever she sees "creepy men everywhere, everyday" and refuses to be on her own at any time, including at night.


The man said his daughter and her friend were subjected to an "incredulous and deplorable" act.

In a poem he wrote and read out in court he asked: "What can a Daddy do to protect this princess beauty? Are we lost to evil?"

The mother of the nine-year-old victim said their family's lives have been affected by the horrific ordeal. She said she lies awake at night tormented by unbearable images, and added that she imagines hearing her child's heart beating in fear.

The rapist warned the two girls that he would cut their parents' throats if they did not comply.

The nine-year-old girl's mother said: "(He) made a cold predatory decision to rape my daughter. He made her believe in her little heart that she would die if she didn't comply. He gratified himself on the body of an innocent child."

She added that she feels she is living in a nightmare she cannot wake up from.

She said her daughter has gone from being a happy, exuberant child to a worried and reserved one who does not feel safe any more.


"Inside, I am slowly dying," she said.

Both children had to be treated after the attack with a "cocktail of medication" to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Mr Justice Paul Carney sentenced the man to life in prison on all five counts of rape. The sentences are to run concurrently.

Family members wept as the judge passed sentence yesterday at the Central Criminal Court.

He said he found it too upsetting to recite the facts of the case.

"A feature of this case was to observe the faces of the hard-boiled press corps having difficulty listening to the facts emerging," Mr Justice Carney said.

The convicted man showed no reaction after the sentence was passed.