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In brief: Boy's rampage at gran's home

A 16-year-old boy, who thrashed his grandparents' home and stole their car, has been remanded on bail pending sentencing at the Dublin Children's Court.

The Dublin boy had already admitted possessing €800 worth of cocaine for sale or supply on March 15.

Yesterday he also pleaded guilty to €1,200 worth of criminal damage to five doors and nine wardrobes and to stealing his grandfather's car, on July 21 last.

The teenager, who is now living in care accommodation, has been banned from contacting his grandfather and was remanded on bail until December.

Six-ton satellite heads for Earth

A HUGE satellite is getting closer and closer, and is expected to smack down on Earth tomorrow.

Nasa's 20-year-old research satellite is expected to crash through the atmosphere tomorrow evening. It will be the biggest Nasa spacecraft to fall uncontrolled from the sky in 32 years.

The space agency is anticipating a splashdown rather than a landing, as nearly three-quarters of the world is covered with water.

Storm reveals

dinosaur fossil

Scientists say they have excavated Maryland's largest dinosaur fossil find in five years, a football-sized bone weighing between two and three pounds.

Steve Jabo, a Smithsonian fossil expert, unearthed the bone yesterday, but it's too early to say what kind of dinosaur it belonged to.

The fossil was seen poking from the clay at Maryland's Dinosaur Park by an amateur paleontologist scouring the site for fossils exposed by heavy rains from remnants of recent Tropical Storm Lee.

Killer dies as

plea refused

The US Supreme Court has rejected an 11th-hour appeal from Troy Davis to prevent Georgia authorities from executing him for the murder of an off-duty police officer. The filing by Davis' lwyers came after state officials refused to grant Davis a reprieve in the face of calls for clemency from former President Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XVI and others.