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'I'm not scared of you' - man shouts at gardai

A PASSENGER in a taxi has been cleared of squaring up to traffic gardai and shouting at one of them "I'm not scared of you, you big-eyed f**k" after the taxi driver was pulled over for breaking a red light.

Francis Stewart said the taxi driver only went through the red traffic light as he thought he was blocking the road when the gardai activated their blue lights and siren.

He denied he was abusive to gardai, saying he only told them the taximan had done nothing wrong.

Garda Ada Timpson had claimed that Stewart was shouting so aggressively that saliva was hitting her face.

She told Dublin District Court that Stewart shouted at her "this is all bullsh*t", and lunged forward towards her with his head and body.

Stewart, of Mooretown Avenue, Swords, was found not guilty at Dublin District Court of threatening and abusive behaviour on Well Road, Swords on June 15, 2008.

He said he believed the taxi driver was being unfairly treated and he intervened to try and explain the situation.

He acknowledged he said "for f**k sake garda, the man did nothing wrong" but that was all.

Judge Bryan Smyth said he had a doubt about the State's evidence and he dismissed the charge.