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'I'll bite your face off and kill you', man told armed garda


Jordan Joyce

Jordan Joyce

Jordan Joyce

A young man who told an armed garda he would "bite your face off, I'll kill you" after he was searched for drugs has been given further time to come up with €2,000 in compensation.

Jordan Joyce (20) punched Garda James Carolan in the ribs and kicked his colleague on the leg. Gda Carolan was unable to work for two weeks following the assault, Swords District Court heard.


After Joyce was arrested, he continued to be aggressive and abusive at Swords Garda Station threatening gardai again, saying if they search him again on the streets he will "knife them".

Joyce, of Jugback Green in Swords, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of €5 worth of cannabis, assaulting Garda David Smith and obstruction of Garda James Carolan on August 20, 2015 at St Cronan's Close.

A positive Probation Report was handed into court and Joyce's solicitor said the young man has "€400 with him" to help with compensation.

"He isn't working and needs more time to come up with the balance. Any money he receives for Christmas will go towards the compensation too," the solicitor said.

Judge Dermot Dempsey said a further €300 is to be available in late December and if that is available he will consider putting the case back until early next year for the remainder of the compensation to be paid.

Gda Carolan said he came across a small gathering of youths and after searching Joyce, €5 worth of cannabis and a grinder were found in his pocket. Joyce became aggressive and struck out at Gda Carolan punching him twice in the ribs. Garda David Smith came to his assistance and Joyce "swung a kick" at Gda Smith's leg.

"He started shouting 'I will bite your face off and I'll kill you'," said Gda Carolan.


On hearing the evidence, Judge Dermot Dempsey said it was "an absolute disgrace" Joyce was not charged with assault causing harm to Gda Carolan.

"If it was Joe Bloggs off the street there'd be an assault charge, but apparently gardai are not entitled to the same level of protection," said Judge Dempsey.

The court heard Joyce has no previous convictions.

"He panicked and lost his temper and he is ashamed of himself," said Joyce's solicitor.

She said Joyce started dabbling in drugs after his uncle and grandfather passed away but he is drug-free now.