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'I will shoot you and rape your children' - criminal's threats to security guard


The Ilac Centre

The Ilac Centre

The Ilac Centre

A violent armed robber has been sent back to prison after threatening to shoot a security guard and rape his children.

Father-of-two Clive Kavanagh (48) - a liver transplant recipient - made the sickening threats after punching Ilac shopping centre security guard Mark Spillane.

Kavanagh, who previously spent seven years in jail for his part in an armed raid on a jewellers, also kicked a second security guard after he was confronted over damaging a display TV.

Security supervisor Mr Spillane told Dublin District Court he was in the Ilac Centre last December 8 when the manager of Argos reported that someone had tried to take a TV off a wall, resulting in €593 worth of damage.

The security guard then spotted Kavanagh coming from the Gadget Geek store next door carrying a bag while a shop assistant followed him.


The court heard Mr Spillane took the bag off Kavanagh and held him by the "scruff of the collar".

Kavanagh, who has 68 convictions, then punched the security guard in the face, knocking off his glasses.

"He was making threats, saying he was going to rape my children, shoot me and burn my house down," said Mr Spillane. "I feared for my safety."

Mr Spillane's colleague, Thomas Collins, came to help but he also was assaulted.

Kavanagh kicked Mr Collins in the head and also tried to burn his hand with a lighter.

He said Kavanagh kicked him on the top of the head and then threw sweets at Mr Spillane.

The violent criminal claimed in evidence that all he had done was press the button on the TV and it did not come off the wall.

He said that when he left the store, he was grabbed by the throat and a scuffle ensued.

The north-inner city criminal claimed that if he hit anyone it was in self-defence as he was being punched.

Kavanagh was handed a four-month sentence by Judge Hugh O'Donnell, who said he was "clearly a very violent man".

The judge found him guilty of criminal damage and two counts of assault and set bail terms in the event of an appeal.

Kavanagh was previously sent to prison following an armed raid at a high-end jewellery shop in 2009. He, his nephew Glen Kavanagh, of Dunne Street Flats, and Michael Martin, of Upper Oriel Street, were arrested after the raid was foiled by the owner and passers-by.

The three pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court in 2011 to robbery and possession of a firearm at Dawson Jewellers on Dawson Street, Dublin, on November 9, 2009.

Kavanagh - of Portland Row, Dublin 1 - had been supposed to hold open the security door store for his accomplices.

However, he let the door close behind him, leaving his accomplices to wait outside until another customer came into the store.


A staff member, who spotted two men enter the shop shortly after with scarves over their faces, ran into the back and raised the alarm.

Another quick-thinking staff member realised a robbery was about to happen and ran out into the street and alerted a passer-by who called the gardai.

Martin then took out a loaded shotgun, but fled after he was confronted by store owner Ken McDonagh.

He wrestled the weapon from Martin as Kavanagh cowered behind a female customer, using her as a "human shield".

Martin was held outside by passers-by and all three men were arrested at the scene.

Judge Tony Hunt jailed Kavanagh for seven years but suspended the final three years after taking into account the lesser role he had played in the robbery and his ill health.

The court heard at the time that Kavanagh was abusing drugs and alcohol and developed a serious illness. He had the liver transplant in May 2008.