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I will rape you, said biker who attacked garda

A teenager headbutted a female garda and repeatedly threatened that he was going to rape her, her mother and her father, a court heard.

Christopher Clarke (19) also told the young officer that he knew where she lived and threatened, "I'm going to rape you, ban garda".

The court heard Clarke was slumped across a motorbike and she went over to help him, but he turned on her and her female colleague, assaulting them both.

Clarke denied the charges, and strongly denied he made any threats to rape the garda.

He said he was almost home when he was brought to the ground by a number of gardai, who hit him with their fists and batons. He claimed he told a sergeant in Rathfarnham Garda Station "they've been beating me and I want them charged".

Clarke of Mountainview Drive in Tallaght, also alleged his clothes were stripped off in the garda station, and he was left in a cell for hours wearing only his boxer shorts.

However, a judge found Clarke guilty of assaulting Garda Joanne Grogan and Garda Tara Swords.


He also found him guilty of being drunk in public and threatening behaviour at Dodder Park Road, Rathfarnham on February 28, 2009.

Tallaght District Court heard Gda Grogan and Gda Swords were patrolling at 7.30am when they saw Clarke, who was asleep slumped over a motorbike.

They went over to help but he became aggressive, and headbutted Gda Grogan, leaving her with a swollen lip. He then slapped Gda Swords in the face, who then hit him on the back of the legs with her baton.

The officers called for assistance, and Garda Philip McGrath and Sergeant Paul Byrne arrived on the scene.

Gda McGrath said Clarke shouted the rape threat to Gda Grogan three times.

The court heard Clarke struggled violently when he was put in the back of the patrol car.

Judge James McDonnell found Clarke, an unemployed courier, guilty of the offences ordered him to complete 220 hours community service in lieu of three months in prison, and imposed a three month sentence, suspended for one year.