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I was with the 'Don' in van robbery plot, says accused

A MAN accused of taking part in a plan to steal from a cash-in-transit van has admitted travelling with a group including the late Eamon 'Don' Dunne to the scene of the attempted theft.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that Joseph Warren (38) also admitted to having a con-saw on him shortly before gardai arrested him at the scene of the alleged crime.

He is accused of conspiring with Dunne, Alan and Wayne Bradley, Michael 'Chino' Ryan and Jeffrey Morrow to carry out a theft from a cash van.

Warren (38), of Belclare Crescent, Ballymun, has denied conspiring with others between January 1 and November 11, 2007 to steal cash from Chubb Ireland at Tesco supermarket on the Shackleton Road in Celbridge, Co Kildare, on November 2, 2007.


Deirdre Murphy, prosecuting, has previously told the jury that Warren will rely on a defence of duress, where he will say he was at the scene of the alleged crime against his will.

It is the State's case that Warren had a con-saw and that Ryan had a set of keys that they had planned to use to open up the Chubb jeep.

Yesterday Ms Murphy said that Warren had made 19 formal admissions in relation to the incident. He admitted driving one of four cars to Celbridge on the day of the attempted theft and agreed that the other men in the "convoy" were Dunne, Ryan, Morrow and the Bradleys.

He also admitted he was carrying a walkie-talkie at the time as well as a mobile phone. These and other mobile phones were seized by gardai after they arrested the men.


The court heard that all six men had fingerprints and DNA samples taken from them which were then compared with any fingerprints and DNA traces found in connection with the alleged conspiracy.

Warren also admits that immediately before his own arrest he was in possession of a T3-400 con-saw and Ryan had a set of keys. When these keys turned out to be the wrong ones gardai moved in and arrested all six men.

The State's case is that the accused was a willing participant in the planned raid.

The trial continues before Judge Patrick McCartan and a jury of seven men and five women.