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I saw airport police beat up my dad, son tells trial

A MOTORIST was so traumatised by an alleged beating he was given by two airport police that his doctor advised him to go for counselling, a court heard.

Alan Casey was also left with severe, extensive bruising to his body following the incident in which he claims he was punched and dragged from his car because he was parked in the wrong place.

The medical evidence came on the second day of the trial of two airport policemen accused of assaulting him.

Officers John Redmond (39) and Darragh McCann (42) are denying assaulting Mr Casey as he waited to pick up his son who was meeting his then girlfriend off a flight.

Mr Casey alleges that one airport police officer bent his fingers as he tried to prise them open to confiscate his keys, while the other punched him in the chest. He described clinging to his steering wheel in fear during the alleged assaults.

Redmond, of Foxfield, Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan, is pleading not guilty to common assault on Mr Casey while Mr McCann, of Earlsfort Road, Lucan, denies a more serious charge of assault causing harm on August 17, 2009.

Mr Casey's son, John, said his father had given him a lift to the airport to collect his then girlfriend, Lisa O'Connor, whose flight had been delayed.


Alan Casey parked the Mercedes in a set-down area at the back of the multi-storey car park while his son went to meet Ms O'Connor.

When the couple returned, John Casey said he saw the airport police "beating" his father, who was shouting at him to call the gardai.

He said he called 999 but the operator told him to speak to the airport police.

He tried to explain that the officers "were directly involved". His father had hold of the steering wheel and the officers were trying to take him out of the car.

"He was being assaulted by people who were supposed to protect him," Mr Casey said. Asked in cross-examination why he had not further intervened, the witness said: "I am not any sort of a violent person. They are very intimidating men and I wouldn't even think of doing that."

GP Dr Aidan Ward said Alan Casey came to see him the day after the incident.

He had "extreme bruising" on his arms, as well as "marks and bruising consistent with handcuff marks". He had bruising on his chest and other soft tissue injuries.

He was distressed and tearful and Dr Ward advised him to attend counselling for "emotional stress and trauma".

The court heard previously Mr Casey alleged an airport policeman told him he was impounding his car before "jumping" on to the wing as he tried to move off.

That officer reached in to get his keys and the alleged assaults followed, he claimed.

Judge William Hamill adjourned the case for continuation of the prosecution's evidence.