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'I knifed man I found in bed with my wife'

The barrister for a man on trial charged with murder has said he is guilty of manslaughter at the most, because he was provoked after finding the victim in bed with his wife.

DOMINIC McGinn was giving his closing speech in the Co Louth trial, where his 31-year-old client is charged with seriously injuring his wife and murdering her cousin.

Shahzad Hussain, of Woodland Avenue, Mosney, Co Meath has pleaded not guilty to murdering Muhammad Arif, (32) on January 7, 2011.

He has also pleaded not guilty to assault causing harm to Rashida Bibi Haider (41), and to intentionally or recklessly causing her serious harm.

He is alleged to have stabbed them both in their livers on January 6, 2011 at Mr Arif's apartment in Fitzwilliam Court, Dyer Street, Drogheda, Co Louth.

The accused and Ms Haider had moved out of that apartment separately in the previous month, after their arranged marriage encountered problems. All three were from Pakistan.

Hussain told the trial that he arrived at the apartment that afternoon to find his wife naked in Mr Arif's bedroom, where Mr Arif was in bed.


He said he was trying to speak to her in the kitchen after she got dressed, when Mr Arif began teasing him that this was Europe and such things didn't matter here. He said that Mr Arif shoved him and that he then grabbed a knife and stabbed Mr Arif with it.

Mr McGinn said yesterday that his client had lost complete control 'because of the desperate scene he witnessed in the bedroom and Mr Arif's goading'.

Mr McGinn said the accused was not guilty of causing his wife serious harm because 'that was an accident'.

Hussain had said she must have sustained her two stab wounds after they fell while she was trying to pull the knife from his hand.

Ms Haider underwent surgery on the day of the stabbings while Mr Arif died in hospital a day later.

Aileen Donnelly, prosecuting, said it was nonsense to suggest that Ms Haider could have stabbed herself twice by pulling the knife down on herself or by falling on it.

The jury is expected to begin deliberating today.