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'I hope you get raped' threat to garda thug jailed

THIS is the Dublin man who made offensive sexual remarks at a female garda, telling her he hoped she was raped, her mother was raped and her children were raped.

Richard Walsh (24) also repeatedly spat and lashed out at gardai, and in his evidence admitted "to be honest, I'd do it again", claiming he was protecting himself from a beating from officers.

Judge Dermot Dempsey imposed a six-month sentence.

The defendant, of Moatview Close in Coolock, was found guilty before Swords District Court of public drunkenness, three counts of threatening and abusive behaviour and violent behaviour in a garda station.


Garda Noel Callan said he was called to the Waterside estate, Malahide Road in Swords shortly after 2am on August 6, 2013 following reports of a drunken male smashing bottles.

Gda Callan said he spoke to Walsh, who tried to run away from gardai.

The garda said Walsh was handcuffed because he was very aggressive. He kept trying to lash out with his legs and fists.

He was placed in the back of the patrol car, where he called him and his colleague, Garda Margaret Coyle, "f**king pigs" and spat at them.

Walsh also tried to headbutt Gda Coyle, calling her a "sl*t" and a "c**t", and repeatedly tried to spit in her face while shouting abuse.

Gda Callan said Walsh was taken to Swords Garda Station where he continued his abuse.

He told Garda Deirdre Bradshaw "I hope you get raped, your mother gets raped and your kids get raped".

After he was charged, Walsh said to gardai: "That's lies. Yous kicked me in the face for nothing.

"Yous are power hungry pigs."

The court heard Walsh ripped the custody record after it was handed to him and urinated outside the station after he was released at 8.20am.

In his evidence, Walsh denied he tried to run away from Gda Callan, claiming he was a sprinter and football player, and the garda wouldn't have been able to catch him if he'd run away.


He admitted giving officers some "stick" when he was sitting in the patrol car and claimed he was kicked repeatedly in the chest.

Judge Dempsey found him guilty, saying his story had no credibility.

Defence lawyer Anne Marie Whelan said the defendant clearly has a problem with drink and he recently fell into a coma due to the amount he had consumed.

Ms Whelan also said the defendant lives with his brother, and his parents and a sister are deceased.