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I hope stepdad who abused me gets jail battering, says victim

The stepdaughter of a man who has been jailed for 10 years for sexually abusing her for four years has said she hopes he gets "battered" behind bars.

Jessica O'Sullivan (23), who last week described William Coster as "a horrible monster" who took her childhood, said that she is happy for him to be named in the media.

"I am delighted he is being locked up," she said. "He ruined my life, so I don't see why he should have one."

Coster (44), of Boghall Cottages, Boghall Road, Bray, was yesterday sentenced to ten years behind bars for 49 sex assault charges. He pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to a number of sample counts of sexually assaulting her, but had pleaded not guilty to additional charges of sex assault offences as well as a number of rape charges.

The victim was aged between 12 and 16 years old at the time of the attacks.

"I hope he gets battered in jail for what he did to me," said Jessica.

The court heard Jessica was brought up to believe Coster was her biological father. He first molested her following a family holiday in 2002 and continued his abuse when they returned home.

The court heard that Coster admitted to his wife when confronted, that he had both kissed and touched her daughter. Jessica said she was petrified of Coster, but her fears that he would abuse her younger sister which made her tell her mother what had been happening to her. She said she used to eat bags of crisps to get fat in the hope that Coster would leave her alone.


Jessica has urged other victims of sexual abuse to tell someone about it.

"It's not easy, but you have to realise that you are the victim, that it's not your fault," she said.

After being confronted, Coster immediately left the family home, but sent more than 2,000 text messages to his victim and her mother, again admitting his guilt and saying he deserved what was coming.

Mr Justice Paul Carney declared Coster a sex offender and said he was taking into account the gravity of the offence, the breach of trust involved, the age of the victim and the disparity in age between her and Coster, as well as the multiplicity of offences and the effect on her.

He took into account Coster's admissions, remorse and the fact that he left the family home when required to do so.

Mr Justice Carney sentenced Coster to 10 years in prison for those charges he was convicted on by the jury and a concurrent eight-year term for those he pleaded to.

Coster has been in custody since he admitted those offences early last year.

Last December, the jury acquitted him on all the rape charges but convicted him on every sexual assault count following a three-day trial.