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I hit something, drove on. Later I saw blood. I'd left a man with horror injuries

A DRIVER who discovered blood and a large dent on the front of his car thought he'd hit an animal or a branch of a tree, a court heard.

Raymond O'Connor (36) said he knew the incident was more serious when he got home and handed himself in at a garda station.

He said he was shocked to later discover that he had hit a young man as he made his way home along a rural Dublin road.

A court heard that the young victim was left with horrific injuries after the hit-and-run.

A judge banned O'Connor from driving for four years and fined him €1,600.

O'Connor, a logistics manager, from Santry Close, Santry, admitted before Swords District Court to driving without insurance or a driving licence.

He also admitted to leaving the scene of an accident at Ballymadun, Garristown, on November 8, 2008.

Garda Sgt Donal Lucey said the victim suffered horrific injuries in the hit-and-run, which occurred on a dark, country road.

Sean Brown, defending, said O'Connor works in Ashbourne and was making his way home when he hit something on the road.

Mr Brown said O'Connor thought it was an animal or the branch of a tree, as the top left hand side of the windscreen came in.

However, when he got home O'Connor looked at his car and realised there was a big dent on the front, which alarmed him. He went to Santry Garda Station and told gardai that he may have been involved in an accident.

Mr Brown said the accident had a terrible affect on O'Connor, who did not realise he'd hit a person, and genuinely thought it was a tree.


Garda Sgt Lucey accepted that the dark country road is narrow and there's no lighting on the road.

However, he said there were no overlying branches on the road, and O'Connor should be very familiar with the road as he drives it to work every day.

Mr Brown said O'Connor was very shocked by the accident, and is truly remorseful for it.

Judge Patrick Brady banned O'Connor from driving for four years and fined him €1,600.