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'I called out for my da', says Abbie at inquest on hero father's death


Abbie Hall Finn was pushed to safety by her dad, who died

Abbie Hall Finn was pushed to safety by her dad, who died

Abbie Hall Finn was pushed to safety by her dad, who died

A woman survived an accident that claimed her father's life after both were hit by a passing car, an inquest heard.

Abbie Hall Finn was thrown into a ditch in the crash at the 12th Lock, Newcastle Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, on January 17, 2017.

However, her father, Martin Finn (60), suffered fatal injuries.

The Herald has previously revealed that Mr Finn died a hero after he pushed Abbie aside before he was hit.

The pair were returning along a dark country road when they were struck shortly before 9pm.


The jury at Mr Finn's inquest returned a verdict of accidental death.

He was thrown nearly 20 metres after he was hit by the front passenger side headlight of a Range Rover, which was travelling in the same direction as he and his daughter.

Dublin Coroner's Court heard Mr Finn asked his wife Carol Hall Finn to drop him off to feed the horses at 7.30pm. Abbie went to help and her son also travelled in the car.

They were returning to the parked car a few hundred metres from the yard at 8.45pm when they were struck.

"I got a text from Abbie asking where I was and I replied. Not five minutes later there was a knock on my window," Mrs Hall Finn said.

She ran towards the scene and saw her husband on the ground. Abbie was lying farther up the road.

Abbie said her father always wore a high-visibility vest, but not that night.

"We were both dressed in dark clothing," she said.

They were walking single file and chatting when she felt a bang.

"I felt like I was doing a flip in the air and I remember hitting the ground. I remember calling out for my da," she said.

The driver of the Range Rover was travelling south towards Newcastle. "I thought I saw a shadow, then there was a thud. It was instantaneous," he said.

Mr Finn was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The cause of death was multiple injuries, with the post- mortem confirming that Mr Finn was wearing a head lamp but no reflective clothing.


Vehicle inspector David O'Brien said the accident happened in "complete darkness".

His investigation indicated one casualty was pushed forward while Abbie sustained a "glancing blow" as the car passed.

"The driver was not given any advance warning of the two pedestrians. It was dark, they were not illuminated and he did not have time to react," he said.

The road has subsequently been altered and the bridge and traffic lights close to the scene no longer exist.